Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Muskuloskeletal Ultrasound

MRI scans use magnets to generate images of your internal tissues. MRI scans can help your doctor identify abnormalities and injuries of bone and soft tissues such as cartilage, ligament, tendon, muscle and nerve. The quality of your MRI scan depends on the strength of the magnet, and the quality of the software.


At Ohio Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine we use the most powerful magnet used in clinical practice (1.5 T) along with the latest software to generate state of the art quality images. We have also chosen a scanner with a large opening to minimize fear of tight spaces.


Some people find it difficult to tolerate being inside of an MRI scanner because of fear of tight spaces. In this case many people prefer to go to an open MRI scanner.  The problem with open

scanners is that the magnets used are much less powerful (0.5 T) than

the magnet in our scanner (1.5 T). Because of this lower power the

images are generally much less clear and are often of such poor quality

as to be diagnostically useless. For this reason we may prescribe

medication to help you relax before and during your scan as needed.


All of our MRI images are generated and stored electronically to make them available

in electronic medical record systems. We can also provide you with a compact disc

copy of your images that can be viewed on any computer with a DVD drive.


We use MS-KUS for:


Imaging in people who cannot undergo MRI;


Imaging in people whom MRI did not find anything and pain persists.


MSK-US is completely painless and involves no harmful radiation.


MSK-US is the same technology used to image babies inside their mothers.


Diagnostic MSK-US allows us to have a very clear view of internal soft tissues.


MSK-US allows for a dynamic or moving image whereas MRI can only see structures that are held still.


MSK-US is a special test used to evaluate soft tissue injuries such as rotator cuff problems and chronic tendon or joint pain.


Interventional MSK-US is used to accurately place needles so that injections can be performed with an unprecedented level of safety and efficacy.



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