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Neck & Spine

Back and Neck pain can become a life altering experience and help can be hard to find. At Ohio Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine we offer a continuing spectrum of care. Our focus is to provide you with care that will increase your understanding of your pain, where it is coming from and how to minimize it. We focus first on helping you understand the way that your posture, habits of movement and level of exercise contribute to your pain.


As we help you understand your pain we also introduce you to specific targeted exercises to help you develop the strength and flexibility you will need in order to effectively modify your posture and movement habits.


Spinal injections are utilized only as an organized part of a comprehensive spinal rehabilitation program.


We consider utilizing fluoroscopically guided spinal injections under the following circumstances:


You have already tried physical therapy and oral medicines without success

Appropriate physical therapy is too painful for you to tolerate


Spinal injections are always done under x-ray (fluoroscopic) guidance


Spinal injections are not expected to cure your pain.


Spinal injections can provide excellent long lasting (6-9 months) relief, however even with the best possible response these injections are not expected to

produce permanent relief.


Our hope is that spinal injections provide you with enough relief that you can then participate in therapy.