Animated Procedures


Hand & Upper Extremity

Hand surgery involves the evaluation and treatment of a wide array of disorders of the hand and upper extremity. Some of the more commonly encountered problems include carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger fingers, tennis elbow, tendonitis and fractures of the hand and wrist. When conservative treatment is not adequate, surgery is performed as necessary by our board-certified surgeons. They are well versed in treating complex disorders of the hand and upper extremity, including complex hand reconstruction, small joint arthroscopy, limited-incision carpal tunnel release and other minimally invasive techniques.

Common Surgical Procedures:

• Carpal Tunnel Release (Mini-incision and endoscopic)

• Trigger fingers

• Masses and ganglions

• Game Keeper’s Thumb

• DeQuervain’s Release

• Dupuytren’s Contracture Release

• Tramatic Injuries

• Flexor and extensor tendon repairs

• Tennis Elbow

• Elbow Arthroscopy